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A Bit About Us

Why the name BerryBird?

It was the next day morning after a crazy stormy day. On my way to work,

I found this little hatchling sparrow in the middle of the road. It cried out for its life and had the strongest desire to live than anyone or anything I'd ever seen. I brought the bird home, and my wife, Lisa, fed the bird every 20 minutes for 2 weeks. And the bird now lives. 

This little bird, we named it Lucky. Its will to live and the love and care that my wife and I provided to help it survive, is the inspiration for the brand. The BerryBird embodies the spirit of Lucky, and we hope it would encourage people to strive for life and to welcome each day to its fullest.

We live in the Kona coffee belt, which is not a large area, but we have beautiful coffee being grown here. And we regularly visit Ka'u which is south from Kona to explore Ka'u for their specialty coffee as well. All Hawaiian coffees from us are freshly roasted to give the best impression possible to our customers.

We believe in the classic tastes that are worth inheriting from the past, but we also embrace the newly discovered 3rd wave coffee that offers a refreshing new branch of roasting style. We don’t just create specialty coffee or single-origin coffee, we offer single-estate coffee that is carefully sourced.



From your friends at BerryBird - Matt & Lisa

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