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Exclusive Services


At BerryBird, we are dedicated to bringing you the exceptional flavors of Hawaii through our selection of premium coffee beans sourced exclusively from the renowned Kona and Ka'u regions. As a coffee shop owner, partnering with us means offering your customers the authentic taste of Hawaiian coffee that will transport them to the lush volcanic slopes and sun-kissed plantations of the Hawaiian islands.


Coffee Training

Discover the art of coffee with BerryBird's comprehensive training service. Learn the fundamentals of brewing, master the art of espresso, create captivating signature beverages, and gain essential skills in equipment maintenance. Our expert trainers provide hands-on learning, customizable programs, and ongoing support to elevate your coffee expertise. Unleash your potential and excel in the world of coffee with us.


Roasting Training

Dive into the intricacies of the roasting process, from green beans to perfectly roasted gems. Learn about roast profiles, temperature control, flavor development, and the art of cupping.

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