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Private Stash: Pink Bourbon, Black Honey Process

Private Stash: Pink Bourbon, Black Honey Process

200 grams of this Pink Bourbon grown in Quindio, Colombia: delicious and lightly roasted. Edwin Enrique Noreña grew this coffee, and our friends at Little Waves discovered and sourced it.

The flavors are quite spectacular: Grape, Lychee, caramel cookies, and bright acidity.

We are super grateful for Areli and Leon from Little Waves in sharing this batch with us. Once we tasted their beans we were hooked, addicted, mesmerized. We had to get some for our own drinking. It’s Matt’s private stash that he is very reluctant to share, hence the name. Limited quantities available.

What you will receive: 2 x 100g bags, total of 200g

Ships to Domestic US only.

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